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Las Vegas Wranglers Homeless?

The Las Vegas Wranglers currently call the Orleans Arena home and have for the past 10 years. That situation is currently up in the air and it looks as though the Wranglers will not be playing next season in their current arena. The Wranglers are currently in the last year of their contract and with it set to expire no renewal date is in site.

News broke about the situation and fans took to social media to show their support for the team. A fan Facebook page “Save The Las Vegas Wranglers,” was created and in less than 24 hours had 931 likes. Included in the social media support were tweets from many notable people below.




The deadline for the 2014-15 season to announce a home for the Wranglers is Jan. 20., leaving the organization in a pinch to find a new venue. Only time will tell where the Wranglers will go, but that time is running short if they want to play next year.


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(Photo Credit: Save The Las Vegas Wranglers On Facebook)

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