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Top Five NHL Military Appreciation Jerseys

Military Appreciation Night in the National Hockey League , despite team preferences, is a night that every fan can get stand behind. The different NHL teams show their support and gratitude for all active and retired service members by wearing camouflage-style jerseys during pre-game warm-ups. Typically after the game the jerseys are put up for auction and the proceeds are used to support veterans.

Now being that this is such a worthy cause it’s hard to pick just five, but here is the top five list for this season!

5. Columbus Blue Jackets- November 10 Blue Jackets vs. Blackhawks

4. New York Islanders- November 15 Islanders vs. Wings

3. Boston Bruins- November 11 Bruins vs. Lightning

2. Anaheim Ducks- November 10 Ducks vs. Canucks


1. Chicago Blackhawks- November 10 Blackhawks vs. Oilers


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