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Gone Gilmore: Paulina Gretzky Can Golf?

The film Happy Gilmore brought two opposite sports together that no one saw coming, but it turns out they actually do belong together with Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson! Hockey organizations have been putting on golf tournaments for years, and here at Gone Gilmore it is typically all about the best hockey related golf tournaments any lover of Happy Gilmore would need to check out!

This week in Gone Gilmore it’s a little different because it’s about one of golfs most popular couples Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson. If you don’t know who Paulina Gretzky is you might have been living under a rock but she is none other than the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, also known as the Great One. She is now engaged to Dustin Johnston, one of the hottest players on the PGA Tour. This past week we found out that couples who golf together, stay together. See for yourself in this Instagram post and let us know what you think of Paulina Gretzky’s golf swing!

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(Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot)

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