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Music Minute: Top Techno Hockey Songs

Brand new to the Music Minute? If that is the case from the staff at thanks for reading! Each week @BeyondBenches is counting down the top five songs everyone needs to have on their playlist dealing with a wide range of hockey topics. Feeling down about that double overtime loss last night? Need a way to get pumped up for game days? The Music Minute has everyone covered and will never disappoint with fresh countdowns to make sure all playlists around the world are updated!

This week the Music Minute is all about unwinding at your hockey party and spicing things up!

Let’s get this countdown started with the top five songs!

5. Blood Sugar By Pendulum 



4. Control By Traci Lords 

3. Around The World/ Harder Better Faster Stronger By Daft Punk

2. 2 Unlimited By Twilight Zone

1.  Kernkraft 400 By Zombie Nation


Do you have songs or a theme you think Music Minute should be about next week? Let us know and tweet us @BeyondBenches!



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