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Top 5 Goalie Masks of the Atlantic Division

At the start of each campaign the men between the pipes get to employ their creativity and personalize masks that attempt to capture their individual styles and team brands. With the regular season now over, it’s time to take stock of the great goalie masks that graced the ice in the Atlantic Division.

5. Jhonas Enroth: Buffalo Sabres

Enroth’s mask is a tale of two buffalos. The left side proudly displays the Sabres buffalo logo with it’s menacing red eyes while the right is a tribute to traditional American buffalo art. The right side depicts a buffalo skin painting of the team’s logo in the same position as the buffalo on the left, red eyes still included. It’s a unique take on the team’s mascot. As an added touch, the two buffalo are divided by a brick wall running down the center of the helmet.


4. Chad Johnson: Boston Bruins

Chad Johnson has been superb between the pipes as Boston’s backup, and he has looked good doing it. While his mask is fairly simple, it oozes class. The pearl white mask features a giant Bruins logo, the classic spoked “B”, on the left, and the team’s mascot, the black bear, on the right. Covering the helmet are watermarks of bear claw prints and spoked “B”s of various sizes. The back of the helmet displays a tribute to the great Bruins goaltender Gerry Cheevers, a classy move fitting of the mask.


3. Craig Anderson: Ottawa Senators 

Andeson unveiled his impeccably designed mask for the Senators’ 20th anniversary in 2011, and while he continues to wear the mask when Ottawa rocks their heritage jerseys, I think think he should make it a permanent fixture. The mask pays homage to Clint Benedict who was Senators’ netminder from 1912-1924. A large image of Benedict graces the right side of the red and cream mask while a simple yet elegant ‘”O” is featured on the left. It is a mask fitting of the Senators’ great heritage.


2. Peter Budaj: Montreal Canadiens

Budaj might be the team’s backup, but he has the start-worthy mask. He is known for incorporating the well-known Simpsons character Ned Flanders into his masks, and his current one is no exception. The crown of the helmet is of a menacing looking Flanders gripping a goalie stick. It’s both amusing and surprisingly intimidating.


1. James Reimer: Toronto Maple Leafs

Puns never go out of style. This electric blue and white mask features the face of a blue-eyed transformer, Optimus Reim. Reimer earned the nickname “Optimus Reim” his rookie year, and he has clearly embraced it fully with the creation of this year’s clever masterpiece. The large, jagged Leafs logo on the top of the mask is pretty cool too.


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Journalism Intern: Noam Waksman is currently a junior at Connecticut College (go camels!) where he majors in English and Psychology. An unabashed Boston sports fan since birth, the Bruins have always held a special place in his heart. Noam resides in Wellesley, MA and can be reached on twitter @NoamWaksman or by email at

(Photo Credit: I Love Goalies!)