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Top 5 CHL Jerseys

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing cooler to wear as a sports fan than a sick hockey jersey. So many different elements to the jersey that stand out and separate hockey sweaters from other jerseys seen in other venues of sport. Colors seem to pop out more, logos stick out so much that you might need to beat your chest while watching the game in some kind of war dance.

In all seriousness, the jerseys bear the colors and symbols of the franchise they pour their blood, sweat, and tears out on a nightly basis. With so many leagues in existence, it is difficult to try to stand out and be unique with jersey styles.

Check out the top 5 in the Central Hockey League!

1. Denver Cutthroats Road Jersey


2. Quad City Mallards Orange Jersey


3. St. Charles Chill Home Jersey


4. Rapid City Rush Road Jersey


5. Allen Americans Home Jersey



Staff writer: Michael Memmolo is a passionate hockey fan who loves to share thoughts & opinions regarding everything having to do with the sport; especially when it has to do with the Boston Bruins. Mike lives in Chelsea, Massachusetts, with his fiance Julie and their dog Graham.  He can be reached on twitter @btownpucks.

(Photo Credit: Allen Americans, Rapid City Rush, St. Charles Chill, Quad City Mallards and Denver Cutthroats via Twitter)