Beyond The Benches

Dale Weise Mocks Milan Lucic Goal Celebration

In what would turn out to be a 4-2 win for the Montreal Canadiens over the Boston Bruins in Game 3 of the series, Dale Weise scored a breakaway goal. It is what Weise did after scoring the goal that might add insult to injury for Bruins fans.

Milan Lucic first pounded his chest in celebration after scoring a goal in Game 5 in the Bruins series against the Detroit Red Wings. GIF: Milan Lucic scores, pounds chest (req @ChristPerreault)  on Twitpic   He did it again in Game 2 against the Canadiens after scoring an empty net goal. Bruins defenseman Torey Krug has also adopted Lucic’s animalistic celebration. Weise’s interpretation of the popular Bruins post-goal celebration came after scoring what turned out to be the game winning goal of Game 3. This should only intensify what is sure to be an entertaining Game 4.



Writer: Paula Marino is a graduate of Suffolk University. She loves all things Black and Gold. Paula can be reached on Twitter @powlamarino.