Beyond The Benches

Exciting Times To Be An Ottawa Senator Fan

The Ottawa Senators may have taken a step back this year by missing out on the playoffs but there is still reason for Sens’ fans to be excited. Senators Sports and Entertainment president Cyril Leeder, led a press conference at the Ottawa Kiwanis Club and spoke about the upcoming plans for the Senators and the Canadian Tire Centre as their 25th anniversary is approaching.

Chris Lund from the Senators official team website said there are talks within the organization of the team doing a European tour similar to what they did in 2008 when they opened the season against the Pittsburgh Penguins in Stockholm, Sweden. The Senators also played against Erik Karlsson who was just an 18-year-old playing playing for Frolunda, a Swedish professional team. Leeder also announced that the Senators are planning to bring back the Montreal Heritage Train trip which is a train trip to Montreal from Ottawa. Fans who sign up for this trip will travel with the team to see them play the Montreal Canadians. The Senator’s organization did this trip during the 2012 season and it was a success.

The Canadian Tire Centre and the surrounding area will have new and improved accommodations that any fan would like. Leeder laid out the improvements in his press conference which was highlighted by the plans to have new camera angles that show the game in an unconventional way. Cameras that follow the Senators into the tunnel and to the locker room will give fans a personal experience with the players that not many other teams can say they have.

Seating in the 100, 200 and 300 levels with be renovated within the coming years and will feature lodging areas where fans can watch the game in a casual setting. The casual seating is a different idea and it will be interesting to the interaction between the type of fans that choose to sit there. The Senators will also incorporate food trucks into their concourse area as extra concession stands, another idea that will be one of the first of its kind.

Finally, the city of Ottawa and the Senators have been working to improve the flow of traffic during home games. The city is doing construction of the Queensway Highway that will be able to handle the amount of people coming to and from the Canadian Tire Centre more smoothly.


Andrew Connolly is a soon to be graduate of Emmanuel College. He currently lives in Boston and is an avid fan of the Celtics, Bruins, Patriots and Red Sox. A large amount of his time is dedicated to intramural basketball and when he’s not in the gym he can be found fine tuning the details of his eventual reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.