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CONTEST: Listen To Beyond The Benches Online Radio & Win

Beyond the Benches online radio show aired this week on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET. We were joined by Dale Lamontagne from The Hockey Report and Hillary McLeod who covers the Pacific Division for us at Beyond the Benches. Not only did we talk about both playoff series in the NHL but we discussed what was happening in the AHL, ECHL and the World Championships.

To top it off we had another free giveaway, this time teaming up with Wheels Hockey. They were nice enough to give our winner three options of ladies t-shirts to pick from! So after you check out the replay of the show from Tuesday, make sure you head over to and check them out!

So how do you win this giveaway? Well it’s pretty simple all you have to do is listen to the show and correctly send in your answer to the trivia question. That’s it and here are a few ways to get a hold of us!

1. Tweet us on Twitter.

2. Send a message to us on Facebook.

3. Email us at

The winner will be announced LIVE on air on our next Tuesday night broadcast.

Here is the show if you need to hear that trivia question again!

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