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Top 5 Martin St. Louis Game Winning Playoff Goals

Martin St. Louis has been been playing in the NHL for 15 seasons which has led to him scoring his share of game winning goals. He particularly has a knack for scoring game winners in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, as he is credited with scoring ten of them during six playoff runs. Most recently St. Louis netted the game winner in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Finals against the Montreal Canadiens check out the list below to see if it made the top 5 moments.

5. 2011 Eastern Conference Finals Game 6 versus Boston Bruins

4. 2004 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 5 versus New York Islanders

3. 2014 Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 versus Montreal Canadiens

2. 2003 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 6 versus Washington Capitals

1. 2004 Stanley Cup Finals Game 6 versus Calgary Flames


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