Beyond The Benches

Lundqvist and Rangers Angry Over Goal in Game 2

The Los Angeles Kings have cooled off the New York Rangers two games in a row now. Coming back from two goals down for back to back overtime victories.

However after Saturday night’s game, no one was cooling down Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers as they were hot over the King’s third goal.

We’ve seen a number of goals waved off this post-season on terms of goaltender interference. Carey Price versus the Tampa Bay Lightning comes to mind in their Game 3. It has quickly become a grey area and an area that doesn’t qualify for video review.

The score is four-to-two for New York. LA’s Matt Greene fires a puck on net that is playing host to a Ryan McDonagh and Dwight King battle. King finds himself making contact with Lundqvist and some how the puck as well. Enough for the puck to deflect into the cage.

The goal was immediately deemed a good goal much to the disbelief of Henrik Lundqvist who could only wave his arms in question.

Did King hinder Lundqvist’s ability to make the save? You be the judge. Henrik and his teammates believe so.

According to the Canadian Press, Henrik just wants consistent calls. As Benoit Pouliot was nailed with a goalie interference penalty in the second period of that very game.

“We have the same play and they score. Like I said, I don’t think it’s a penalty but you’ve got to stop the play if the goalie can’t move in his crease. And it’s not like I’m outside the crease. I play pretty deep. Just be consistent with it,” Lundqvist told the media after Game 2.

Derek Stepan, who’s been at the center of controversy dating back to breaking his jaw versus the Habs, did his best to stay level headed post game in talking with the media.

“I don’t really want to get myself worked up right now,” he said. “From my point of view, I think that their [LA Kings] goal shouldn’t have even happened. But I’m not the one making the calls, I’m the one playing. I’m not the one that saw what he saw and we go from there.”

It’s a goal that opened the doors to the King’s comeback. Their third in two games.

The Rangers will look to jump out to an early lead again on Monday, hoping this time to keep the lead rather than surrender it.