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Teemu Selanne’s Number To Be Retired In Anaheim

On January 11, 2015, the Anaheim Ducks will get the honor of retiring ex-forward Teemu Selanne’s No. 8 jersey. This will make Selanne the first member of the Ducks, founded in 1993, to have his number retired. Additionally, the game which will proceed the ceremony is against the Winnipeg Jets, the team with which Selanne entered the NHL and spent his first three seasons.

In Selanne’s 1,451 NHL games he has contributed 1,457 points, averaging just over a point a game through the span of his career. Of the 1,457 points, 988 of them were scored with the Anaheim Ducks, making Selanne the teams leading scorer. Selanne is a multiple time winner of the highly-esteemed Byng and Hart (MVP) trophies, with the addition of the Selke trophy amidst the Ducks 2006-07 championship season.

The Anaheim Ducks Owners, Henry and Susan Samueli, gave their thoughts on Selanne’s time in Anaheim.

“Teemu is our franchise icon and deserves to be the first player in club history to have his jersey retired,” The Samueli’s told the LA Times. “His dedication to this franchise and our community is unmatched.”

These words are true, though Selanne is more than just a franchise icon for the Anaheim Ducks. Selanne served, and still serves, as more of an icon through out the entire National Hockey League. Selanne, along with fellow 42-year-old New Jersey Devil, Jaromir Jagr demand the utmost respect and are placed in their own tier within the NHL. Many of the games current stars grew up watching and worshipping the players in their youth.

So as historic as the ceremony on January 11 will be for the Anaheim Ducks, it also signifies a passing of the torch. Though Selanne’s production has dropped off in his more recent years, his leadership remained crucial to the Anaheim bench. Now this resposibility on and off the ice will fall on younger players such as the Ducks captain, Ryan Getzlaf.


Writer: Timmy Sclafani is a Junior Journalism student at Roger Williams University. He is not only passionate about hockey, but also film, biking, and music. Feel free to follow him on Twitter at @tsclafani20