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Wichita Thunder Introduce Players And New Jerseys

The last week of the Central Hockey League offseason has been a busy and hectic time to say the least for the Wichita Thunder. Starting with last Friday, the Thunder have introduced seven players with the hopes of bolstering their roster before the start of the season. The first two players were forwards and former college teammates at UMass-Lowell Joe Caveney and Michael Budd. Both players have taken a serpentine route to the Central Hockey League since their days in college playing together. However, it’s important to remember that UMass-Lowell is a member of perhaps the most talented college conference in the country, Hockey East.

Following the acquisitions from last Friday, Wichita held their second annual Open House on Saturday. The Open House held by the Thunder affords great opportunities for the franchise to build a closer relationship with their fan base. Fans get an opportunity to interact with different staff affiliated with the organization.

During the Open House, the Thunder made several important announcements regarding signings as well as other team matters. The most important order of business discussed was the Thunder having re-signed five players to the upcoming season. For forwards RG Flath, Matt Summers, and Erick Lizon, this will be their fourth year being a part of the Wichita organization.

Wichita was also able to join in on the sweepstakes currently taking place in the CHL involving teams trying to acquire former players of the now defunct Denver Cutthroats and Arizona Sundogs franchises. The Thunder were able to acquire former Sundogs defensemen Michael Trebish in hopes of improving their defensive corps. Trebish will certainly bring a physical presence based off of the number of penalty minutes and physical tone he has set on past teams.

With their roster almost set for the upcoming season, the Thunder organization had another surprise for their fans who decided to attend the Open House. Last spring, I counted down the top jerseys in the CHL and Wichita did not rank towards the top, however with the debut of their new jerseys last Saturday, Wichita definitely has a chance at the top spot next year with their new third jersey.

The jersey bares a strong resemblance to the winter classic jersey worn by the NHL Los Angeles Kings during their stadium series match-up against the Anaheim Ducks last year. In my opinion, black and silver form an amazing combination when done properly and the new Thunder jerseys look spectacular. Between making moves and trying to develop a new look, the Thunder seem prime and ready to get back after it this season.


Staff writer: Michael Memmolo is a passionate hockey fan who loves to share thoughts & opinions regarding everything having to do with the sport; especially when it has to do with the Boston Bruins. Mike lives in Chelsea, Massachusetts, with his fiance Julie and their dog Graham.  He can be reached on Twitter @btownpucks.

(Photo Credit: Wichita Thunder via Instagram)