Beyond The Benches

Go Beyond The Benches w/ Brampton Beast’s Tyler Donati

This off-season surely was an improvement for the  the Brampton Beast, ECHL Tampa Bay Lightning affiliate, as they were able to acquire Brampton raised, right winger, Tyler Donati. The 5-foot-10 right winger was the leading scorer and the ECHL MVP in the 2009-10 season. The following season, he suffered a shoulder injury that sidelined him for a season. Several teams world wide took interest in Tyler Donati, but Brampton, being his home province, was able to snatch the prolific scorer.

Now we have gotten a chance to sit down and get a closer look into Tyler Donati’s outtake on his career thus far and what else he has in store to come.

B.B: Coach Brent Hughes speaks very highly of you. How was your relationship with him prior to signing and now?

Tyler Donati: Great and great. He is easy to talk to and he is honest, two solid qualities to have in a coach.

B.B: As a former ECHL MVP, what skills do you hope to bring to Brampton that will lead to a successful season?

Tyler Donati: I’m going to pitch in offensively and be good on the PP.

B.B: What advantages do you believe you have in being one of the more experienced players on this roster?

Tyler Donati: It’s an advantage knowing the league, as having to learn the league can be a difficult step.

B.B: Since you are recognized as a former MVP, you have some big shoes to fill. What else do you hope to accomplish?

Tyler Donati: I hope to be a plus player and win a championship.

B.B: Is there anyone specific that you are excited to play with this year?

Tyler Donati: Painer and Pitts… hopefully that line combination works.

B.B: Since you have played for several teams, what was the deciding factor in choosing Brampton?

Tyler Donati: Opportunity and being close to home.

B.B: Being a part of the Brampton Beast, what three things do you look forward to the most?

Tyler Donati: My charity, playing close to home, playing with a lot of old friends.

B.B: It is interesting that you have played in several countries. Which city did you enjoy the most?

Tyler Donati: Oslo, Norway.

B.B: Being from Ontario, how does it feel to play in your home province?

Tyler Donati: Comfortable.

B.B: This past Monday was your “Points for Cancer” foundation event. What is the motivation behind this foundation?

Tyler Donati: To help as many people as possible.

B.B: Being a very prolific scorer throughout your career, how did this innovation for the foundation come about?

Tyler Donati: I was approached by PR in Toronto.

B.B: What are some of your pre-game rituals that lead to your successful play?

Tyler Donati: Stretching, focusing, making sure my equipment feels right.

B.B: What is the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Tyler Donati: Playing against my brother in the OHL Conference Finals.

B.B: What was your favorite hockey movie growing up?

Tyler Donati: Youngblood.

B.B: What athlete did you most idolize growing up in Ontario, and why?

Tyler Donati: Pavel Bure, he was an awesome hockey player.