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Fabletics 70% Off Discount Tip

Fabletics, Co-founder Kate Hudson, just got our attention with a new athleisure line that has her looking better than ever on every television channel we turn on. So, wait what exactly is athleisure? It’s basically exercise clothing — like yoga pants, sweat pants, and tank tops— that have now been designed to put Nike and Adidas to shame when it comes to looking good working out.

Fabletics fits in by taking out the high prices out of the designs to rival the likes of Lululemon. The best part? Fabletics keeps you in budget when you place that initial first outfit. It’s $25.00 and that’s shipped. Yep, you read that right for $25.00 you can get a whole outfit to sport at your next sweat session. The catch? To be able to get that entire outfit you have to click the box to sign up to be a VIP member. The VIP membership is free, but you have to log in to your account the next month between the 1st and the 5th of the month to make the selection or “skip this month.” If you don’t, you’re going to be charged $49.95 on the 6th and the account will be credited for one outfit. It’s basically a subscription service to keep you looking good working out without having to worry about actually going to purchase the clothes at regular store. How do you cancel it? Easy just call 1-844-322-5384 and press 4 to speak to someone about closing the account, or go ahead and use the “Live Chat” option because it’s really so much easier.

So, let’s be realistic here when we say that yes a lot of the Fabletics pieces are great, but remember that age old saying “you get what you pay for.” If you try it once and get the first outfit for $25.00 there is no way you are not going to be happy. Just make sure to pick the right size and read the reviews. They actually are pretty helpful.

Want a deeper discount? You CAN get 70% off your first outfit if you are a little bit patient.

The How To Make It Happen:

  • Sign up for Fabletics with your email account.
  • Browse the outfits and see what items you want, put a couple in your cart too.
  • Log out, leave and come back in one day. Yep, just one day.
  • Log in to your account and BOOM, that’s it. Your prices will be discounted by 70%.

Here’s a screenshot with the discount applied.



In the end, we don’t know how long this initial VIP offer or how long this secret trick will work at getting you 70% off Fabletics but it’s so silly not to sign up and nab that first outfit!