Beyond The Benches

Leafs Send Ace Bailey’s Banner To Bracebridge

The Toronto Maple Leafs are saying goodbye to the 18 banners that have been hanging over the rafters at the Air Canada Center this summer by having them replaced by new shining stars. The old banners are going to be given to the hometowns where each of the Leafs were produced from. Maple Leaf Ace Bailey’s banner was the first to be given to his hometown.

Leaf’s correspondent, Paul Hendrick, gives fans an inside look.

Bailey, right-wing, played 313 games with the Leafs and dawned sweater number six. The Bracebridge, Ontario native is one of only two retired numbers in Leafs history. He was the first Leaf to led the league in points in 1929 but would suffer a career-ending head injury in his eight professional season. On December 12, 1933 the Leafs took on the Boston Bruins where defenseman Eddie Shore would check Bailey with a hit that lead to the end of his hockey career.