Beyond The Benches

Canucks Use Competition To Bring Prospects Together

The Vancouver Canucks web-series, Train Like A Canuck, continues to give viewers the opportunity to see a behind-the-scenes look at training as a Canucks prospect with the emphasis on teamwork this week. Canucks assistant coach Perry Pearn overseas the future teammates as they come together playing different games from floor volleyball to a canoe tipping water relay race.

“Team building has been a big part of what we’ve tried to do in order to help make our team successful,” said Pearn.

Blindfold basketball took away the players eyes during the team activities to build trust between the future teammates.

“We get in those situations in a game all the time where a defenseman is blind to the pressure that’s coming to him,” said Pearn. “His partner has to communicate with him.”

CanucksTV captured Episode 7 on Tuesday.

Pearn is in his third year with the Canucks with over 20 NHL seasons under his belt.