Beyond The Benches

Gallagher and Beaulieu, BFFs?

Montreal Canadiens Brendan Gallagher and Nathan Beaulieu have a bromance- no questions asked. The fearless on ice duo have found chemistry off the ice that consistently shows fans their hilarious affection for each other.

Remember the haunted house, La Maison Rouge, last October? Fans couldn’t get enough that the two have been featured on HabsTV since from Q&A segments to giving a few good moles a wack.

Gallagher signed a six-year contract extension worth a reported $22.5 million in November 2014 while his bestie, Beaulieu, can become a restricted free agent in 2017-’18 after a $2-million, two-year contract signed in June 2015.

HabsTV released the best moments of the Gallagher and Beaulieu bromance below.