Beyond The Benches

P.K. Subban’s Top Cellys

Nashville Predators P.K. Subban has been taking a lot of heat in the Stanley Cup Final, not because his team is down two games in the best-of-seven series against the defending Pittsburgh Penguins, but because a lot of people just don’t like him. Why? Well between been called a villain by fan bases like Pittsburgh fans booing him since the Jordan Stall incident, and an ESPN piece where John Scott called him  “a piece of garbage” he doesn’t seem to play well for others.

Or is it that Subban is just that good and people love to hate? Subban is not a stranger to controversy and one of the reason stems from his goal celebrations. Yes, you read that right his goal celebrations.

Let us show you what were talking about as we count down Subban’s Top Cellys!

Subban scores the OT winner against the Ottawa Senators.

P.K. Subban’s overtime winner leads to a big celebration with former teammate Carey Price.

Subban shoots out the lights. 

Subban’s first goal as a Nashville Predator.

Subban scores from center ice then gets put in the box