Beyond The Benches

Best Thing About The NHL Combine: Bike Guy

The Vegas Golden Knights have given an inside look into the NHL draft prospects at the annual scouting combine.

‘Bike Guy’ also known as jiu-jitsu fighter Jordan Marwin joined the staff that administers the bike tests during fitness day for the NHL Combine in 2015 has become an internet sensation since the Knights released him inspiring prospects the only way ‘Bike Guy’ can, yelling.

“I think about what I would want to motivate me during the tests,” Marwin said in an interview with the Knights. “I’ve done the Wingate several times in grad school and it’s a miserable process. A lot of these kids I don’t think they’re used to pushing themselves hard ‘off’ of the ice. So I kind of look to boost their energy, boost their morale and give them a little of my energy during the test.”

The combine doesn’t allow the public in for fitness testing, but the Knights gave everyone someone to look forward to seeing next year.