Beyond The Benches

Big Spenders In Nashville To See The Predators

If you’ve got some money to burn, Nashville during its first Stanley Cup Finals looks like the place to be.

First up, the $1,127 bar tab gone viral during Game 3.

Rippy’s, a place across from Bridgestone Arena, went viral during Game 4 after the five friends took on 115 beers and left with a $1,127 bar tab. David Hudson, Justin Gray, Zack Callis, Shaun Womack and Jon Livezey didn’t have tickets to the Nashville Predators versus Pittsburgh Penguins battle but they partied with the estimated 50,000 people downtown for the first Stanley Cup Final home game in the Predators history.

Next, ticket prices. Well it’s safe to say if you are looking to attend this years Stanley cup Final the cheapest option is taking in the games in Pittsburgh because Nashville is going to break your bank. The starting ticket price to see the Predators on home ice on the secondary market comes in just over $1,300 without fees. In Pittsburgh, it’s just over $220 without the fees.

Still not convinced Nashville is going to break the bank? According to Darren Rovell, Game 6 will have a few people looking to see who is sitting behind the Preds bench with the seat purchase just over the $30,000 mark.

Got tickets to the Predators next home game? Hold on to them, tight.